Power to Change awards grants to grow and develop community businesses.

The second window for applications to our £10 million Community Business Fund is now open until 31 August. We will also have an application window open in October. If you are a community business that needs funding for a business development project which will make your organisation more sustainable, then you should consider an application.

There will be other funding programmes going live in the course of 2016 that we will publicise through our website and newsletter.

Last year, we awarded £8 million of grant funding through our Initial Grants Programme. See what we funded on our community business map.

New Wortley is a community business outside Leeds funded by Power to Change

Community business fund

Find out more about our £10m Community Business Fund. Through the fund we will award grants between £50,000- £300,000 to community businesses in England.

In the meantime, find out if you are eligible.

Bamford - a community business grant funded by Power to Change

What is community business?

A community business is run by local people for the social, economic and environmental benefit of their community. Find out more about what makes a community business.